product description

Customized Shape / Size laminate table top glass all available:


1. Straight corner

2. Horse belly

3. Straight side round corner

4. Round shape



Customized Pattern laminate table top glass (Pretty Upscale and luxury feelings):

Excellent characteristics of laminate table top glass:


1. Fire resistance

2. High temperature resistance

3. Zero penetration

4. No dirt absorption

5. Impact resistance and scratch resistance.

6. Sturdy and practical, does not fade or deform.


1)Laminate table top glass: Mons’6-7 hardness scale. Steel knife test scratches without leaving marks. Diamond-like hardness, even if you use a knife to scratch, it will not leave scratches. Even if you use a knife to scratch back and forth, it will not easy to leave Scratches.



2) Laminate table top glass: High modulus of rupture. Fireproof material selection, high temperature burning without deformation.After 3 hours 1200 degree high temperature electric burn can not damage it.


3)Laminate table top glass: Nanoscale density, almost zero permeability


 4)Laminate table top glass: Can touch food directly

Thicken Italian craft laminate table top glass, 14MM Thick material, use the selected Slate plank, the thickness is 1.5 times higher than others.


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