product description

Silk screen printing glass Applications:


1. Silk screen printing glass for oven

2. Silk screen printing glass for gas stove

3. Silk screen printing glass for range hood

4. Silk screen printing glass for flood light

5. Silk screen printing glass for Lawn lamp

6. Silk screen printing glass for industrial light,etc


With more than 60 sets of world famous  advanced facilities, such as Bottero cutting machine and Intermac CNC processing center, CNC drilling machine, CNC edging grinding machine and Southtech toughening furnace, We can produce different shapes glass based on customers' demand. Most important, we have five silk-screen printing lines,which are available to print all kinds of complex patterns according to your requirements.


Silk screen printing glass production line



Silk screen printing glass quality inspection


For us, Quality is the most important things,We have technical team and strict inspection will be carried out before each shipment.


We are proud for keeping supplying quality silk screen printing glass for oven continuously, which makes us enjoy high reputation and go into more markets.


Your sincerely silk screen printing glass manufacturer for oven --LANSEN GLASS.


We’re here for our customers, right from the very beginning.